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Fiber Lab 800HE

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The Fiber Lab 800HE provides the ideal platform for training technicians and students to find splices, faults, or bad connections in a length of optical fiber using an OTDR. Customers specify the total length of fiber, as well as the intervals at which you would like attenuation values, giving you the exact solution you require. The extremely rugged enclosure offers maximum protection and durability, making it superior for long-lasting use in the lab or field. In addition, the unit includes a convenient storage area for patch cords or other fiber optic accessories.

As with all Fiber Lab products, we offer all fiber types, lengths, and connectors of your choice. Proven at the largest Telecom, CATV, and Networking equipment companies in the world, the Fiber Lab 800HE is certain to add value to your operations.

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  • Any fiber type and length up to 25km
  • Customer-chosen attenuation levels within the spool to represent “faults” in the fiber
  • Rugged for heavy use and fiber protection
  • Portable for easy handling and transport
  • Storage area for other fiber optic equipment